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Pimp that cube!-2 years 18 weeks ago
Sorry you are sick but glad we can be there to help!-2 years 18 weeks ago
YUCK! We don't know but we can make things right!! Give us a call: 1-800-777-8337 (1-800-77-PUFFS)-2 years 18 weeks ago
Love doesn't care who gives it. #WeSeeEqual https://t.co/r7sCmJQiaG-2 years 19 weeks ago
You are obviously wise and learned!-2 years 19 weeks ago
Our friends know us well. Popcorn is medicine too! #WhenImSickIJustWant https://t.co/fcJEUH3G7s-2 years 19 weeks ago
##WhenImSickIJustWant Grandma, some Puffs & #NeverTooOldForNana https://t.co/DVgsS63Cxr-2 years 19 weeks ago
It's no bother! We love being there to rescue your nose in need.-2 years 19 weeks ago
So glad we were there to help!-2 years 19 weeks ago
Maybe this will help give your budget some relief as well as your #NoseInNeed: https://t.co/L5dxCRLE6m-2 years 19 weeks ago

Jewel Alexander
Puffs have let me down bigtime. My old go-to (Puffs with lotion) has obviously changed. No longer thick, no longer soft. My nose is shredded. And I see I am not alone in this experience. Has anybody found a good replacement?
about 2 days ago
Janie Thelen
Please bring back the soft pack. They are perfect for the car, drawers, etc.
about 3 days 8 hours ago
Pamela J Nicholson
Way to go Puffs - fool everyone into thinking they are getting a great deal with your Mega Cube. What a joke. Your boxes used to have that many (and more) many years ago, but you have gradually lessened the number in the boxes for a long while hoping we wouldn't notice. We noticed! So now you have these new ones. And they cost more! Well I for one will not be buying your product any more because they don't even fit into my decorative tissue box holders. And don't tell me you still have the ones that do - I went to Walmart yesterday to return the three 4-packs I got, thinking I'd replace them with the normal ones. There are NONE! Just these new Mega Cubes. I'm sure I'm not the only longtime customer that you're losing. Whoever came up with this lame idea really needs to rethink it.
about 1 week 3 days ago
Kathleen Griswold
How to get in a Puffs box
about 2 weeks 1 day ago
Bob Marr
Really like Puffs!! A recent issue however, is that the boxes from the past two purchases of Puffs cubes have been too big for any of our dispensers. Is this a mistake? Cubes have been the same size for decades, I think. It's a shame to change things now...
about 2 weeks 3 days ago

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