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  • Launched two new SoftPacks: Puffs Plus Lotion and Puffs Ultra Soft & Strong.

  • Puffs launched the revolutionary flexible packaging: SoftPack!

  • Puffs improved the Puffs Plus Lotion tissue so that they are gentle on sensitive skin.

  • Puffs introduced its "Best Face Forward" campaign, as Puffs are designed to help you look and feel your best.

  • Introduced new and exciting Puffs tissue box designs.


  • Puffs products improved through air-dried technology.

  • Puffs introduced its lovable characters, the Puffs Pals.


  • Puffs launched in Canada and introduced new designer boxes.

  • Puffs Plus improved to thicker tissues.

  • Puffs Designs Cube launched nationally in the United States.

  • Introduced Puffs Large Count packs in the United States (two or more boxes wrapped together); Puffs To Go travel packs introduced in the United States

  • Puffs Extra Strength expanded nationally across the United States.

  • Puffs Facial Tissues became available across the entire United States. Puffs Free were also introduced.


  • Puffs Plus with Aloe are introduced, bringing relief to sore noses everywhere.

  • United States national introduction of Puffs Plus with Lotion.

  • Puffs Facial Tissue expanded into the Northeast United States.


  • Introduced an upright Cube package size.

  • New floral and decorator boxes are introduced as aesthetics of the packaging are recognized as consumer needs.

  • Posh Puffs are introduced in their highly decorative, cube-shaped boxes (a first!), in distinctive colors such as “beautiful blueberry”, “sumptuous strawberry”, “luxurious lemon”, and “lavish lime”. Did you know, the original name was “Forbidden Fruit from Puffs”. Thankfully an employee recommended a change to ‘Posh Puffs’ after he thumbed through the dictionary looking for something alliterative. Although packaging still carried the forbidden fruit theme.


  • Introduced Puffs Prints (printed tissues).

  • Introduced Puffs Basic Facial Tissues , which replaced Charmin® Facial Tissues. The brand won’t be nationally available until the early 1980s.


  • Procter & Gamble bought the Charmin Paper Company.

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