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  • Unlike the leading regular tissue, Puffs® has soft, air fluffed pillows for 40% more cushiony thickness and are designed with your entire face in mind. Whether you’re caring for a cold, touching up makeup, or gently smoothing imperfections, Puffs committed to one thing – a facial tissue that helps you put your best face forward.

  • Puffs tissues have always been what consumers reach for when suffering from cold and allergy symptoms, but Puffs are designed with your entire face in mind. Over 80% of tissues users already consider using tissues for their face – everything from caring for a cold, applying makeup, or making subtle touch-ups.  Based on these insights, Puffs created the Best Face Forward Campaign.

  • Lint is directly related to the degree of paper softness. The softer the paper, the more lint produced during the high-speed tissue-making process. We regularly shut down our manufacturing lines to clean our equipment and remove the lint buildup. And when humidity is very high, our lines are closed and cleaned as needed to prevent lint from dropping into our paper products.

  • While we can't promise every store will have Puffs To Go, we hope you'll try national stores such as Walgreens, Kroger®, and CVS/pharmacy® in the U.S. and Walmart® in Canada. They purchase directly from P&G. Some stores stock Puffs To Go in the cosmetics section by travel-size items.

  • Tissues do not actually have an MSDS, because they are regarded as either "articles," "medical devices," or "cosmetics" under the Hazard Communication Guidelines of the federal Occupational Safety & Health Administration. Most MSDS sheets for other brands in our company are now available online. To get started, visit our Corporate website. Your next step depends on whether you are using the consumer product or the professional product. For the consumer product: First choose the category of

  • We offer different box designs in our Puffs lineup because consumer preferences vary. Stores choose which versions they want to carry, so you might want to mention your interest to the store manager. Keep in mind that our box designs are packed in mixed cases, and retailers are not able to order a case of one particular design. It's also possible the one you like is temporarily sold out or is only available during a particular season. Visit our Products section to see the designs we offer.

  • No. Puffs facial tissues are made from virgin wood pulp

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