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Pimp that cube!-24 weeks 1 day ago
Sorry you are sick but glad we can be there to help!-24 weeks 2 days ago
YUCK! We don't know but we can make things right!! Give us a call: 1-800-777-8337 (1-800-77-PUFFS)-24 weeks 2 days ago
Love doesn't care who gives it. #WeSeeEqual https://t.co/r7sCmJQiaG-24 weeks 6 days ago
You are obviously wise and learned!-24 weeks 6 days ago
Our friends know us well. Popcorn is medicine too! #WhenImSickIJustWant https://t.co/fcJEUH3G7s-25 weeks 1 day ago
##WhenImSickIJustWant Grandma, some Puffs & #NeverTooOldForNana https://t.co/DVgsS63Cxr-25 weeks 1 day ago
It's no bother! We love being there to rescue your nose in need.-25 weeks 1 day ago
So glad we were there to help!-25 weeks 1 day ago
Maybe this will help give your budget some relief as well as your #NoseInNeed: https://t.co/L5dxCRLE6m-25 weeks 1 day ago

Taylor M. Majerus
What the heck is this??????? More pictures in comments.
about 3 days 18 hours ago
Puffs Tissues
Update: All FB giveaways claimed! Thanks for playing along! Are you back to school shopping? Show us your list from TeacherLists featuring Puffs. First 25 screenshots (combined on both Facebook & Twitter) will receive free Puffs!
about 1 week 1 day ago
Leslie Dale
I'm very disappoined in P & G and puffs. I always by the large multiple box sets at Target. We cannot use Puffs with lotion because we are both allergic to it. The strong puffs have always been our first choice because they don't leave bits of tissue fuzz like the other ones do. Another thing that makes us sneeze! After looking on the shelves, we questioned the sales associate only to find out Target will not be carrying them anymore. There were shelves and shelves of Puffs with lotion but nothing we could use. All I can say is for shame!
about 1 week 2 days ago
Melissa J. Edwards
If you guys don't stop stalking me, I'm going to get a restraining order! 😉 #dogtailphotobomb
about 1 week 5 days ago
Marcie Guza
Why do your Ultra Soft 3-packs have ~150 fewer tissues than they did before?
about 2 weeks 2 days ago

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