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Pimp that cube!-32 weeks 5 days ago
Sorry you are sick but glad we can be there to help!-32 weeks 6 days ago
YUCK! We don't know but we can make things right!! Give us a call: 1-800-777-8337 (1-800-77-PUFFS)-32 weeks 6 days ago
Love doesn't care who gives it. #WeSeeEqual https://t.co/r7sCmJQiaG-33 weeks 3 days ago
You are obviously wise and learned!-33 weeks 3 days ago
Our friends know us well. Popcorn is medicine too! #WhenImSickIJustWant https://t.co/fcJEUH3G7s-33 weeks 5 days ago
##WhenImSickIJustWant Grandma, some Puffs & #NeverTooOldForNana https://t.co/DVgsS63Cxr-33 weeks 5 days ago
It's no bother! We love being there to rescue your nose in need.-33 weeks 5 days ago
So glad we were there to help!-33 weeks 5 days ago
Maybe this will help give your budget some relief as well as your #NoseInNeed: https://t.co/L5dxCRLE6m-33 weeks 5 days ago

Puffs Tissues
Ordinary tissues are just red noses in disguise Treat yourself to Puffs is what we'd advise!
about 5 days 21 hours ago
Sue Smith
Just read other comments, guess you are not making ultra soft and strong anymore, the tissues you are replacing them with are awful, thin and shred immediately . Cannot understand why an excellent product gets dropped and replaced with an inferior product. I will have to try other brands hoping to find something that will be as good as your original ultra soft and strong tissues.
about 1 week 3 days ago
Sue Smith
What happened to the ultra soft and strong tissue?, I may have to change my brand. I cannot find the ones we loved anymore. the ones you call strong are too thin, we need at least 3 tissues and they tear so easily. WHERE can I buy ULTRA SOFT and STRONG?, I don't want to buy another brand. HELP
about 1 week 3 days ago
Rob White
Facebook ad for Puffs convincing me to no longer buy the product
about 1 week 4 days ago
Puffs Tissues
10/5 is World Teacher Appreciation Day. We're so thankful for all the educators who feed minds and wipe noses. Make sure their classroom is well stocked and grab one of these offers today.
offers and promotions
about 2 weeks 3 days ago

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